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Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior decoration. Mosaic collage is made of small, flat pieces of glass mosaics. You can transfer it onto your wall, floor or craft project. Some mosaic collages are created according to the images of nature flowers or trees, and usually some birds or butterflies are added to make the picture full of life.


Mosaic Collages

  • Hand made by craft-man.

  • Made by crystal glass, the color will never fade away.

  • Glossy, easy to clean.

  • Unique customized mosaics, only for you! 

Please Notice:

  • The listed price is for 1 sq.ft, not for the whole picture.
  • This is customized mosaics, please let us know your wall size before placing an order.
  • It usually takes 7 - 10 business days for mosaic collages production.


Chips size

  • 10 x 10 mm


  • 4 mm


  • Crystal Glass


  • Multi-Colors


  • Glossy


  • Mesh

Customization Service

We can customize the mosaic collage pictures for you according to your pictures or photos. No matter it is landscape, people or cartoon, as long as it is high definition photo, we can do it for you. FREE design and there's no extra cost.

customize pictures

Price Explanation

price declear

4 Steps to place an order


Q: If my wall is not rectangle or square, can you make the mosaics just same as my wall shape ? Do I need to pay for extra money for that?

A: We can customize the mosaic for you for free. You do not need to pay extra money. Please just let us know clearly about your wall size as the following pictures.

customize size

Q: Is it easy to get correct pattern during installation ? How can I do that ? How to install them ?

A: Yes. We will number each sheet of the mosaic and we will send you a picture to show the whole pattern. Customer just needs to follow the numbers to get the correct pattern easily. Please do it on the floor before you install them on wall to make sure the pattern is correct.

Q: What kind of grout should I use for this mosaic ? Does this mosaic supposed to be grouted or ungrouted?

A: Please just use sealant for glass tile to install the mosaics. Please DO NOT use cement. You may get them grouted or ungrouted whichever you like. It looks more lively if you get the tile ungrouted. However, it will be more firm if you get them grouted.

Q: I think the white grout is so bright for this mosaic. Do you have any grout to suggest ? Do you sell grout ?

A:  Sorry, we do not sell grout. We suggest that you may try the translucent grout if you do not like too bright grout. The below photos will show you tiles installed by translucent grout.

translucent grout

Q: Do you accept return ? What if I receive any defective mosaics?
A: For general products, we accept return. For customized product, we can not accept return. We will send replacement for any defective products.
Q: Do I need to pay for the importing duty ? How much will it be ?
A: We will issue low price ( usually under US $ 200) on the invoice. For most of countries , there's no need to pay for importing duty. And we can issue whatever value customer needs.

Return policy for customized mosaics

1.  We do not accept return without a reason. This is customized mosaics. Because once we customize the mosaics according to your own wall size, we can not sell the tile to any other one. Thank you for your understanding.
2.  We will take responsibility for defect tiles. We can send replacement for defect tiles.

TST production line-1
TST Mosaic Tiles have the most advanced glass tile, porcelain mosaics, metal tiles, mother of pearl tiles, and wooden tile produciton lines. We have ISO9001( International Standard Organization quality certification) and ISO14001 (International Standard Organization environmental certification) certifications.We were exporting  glass tiles, porcelain tiles, metal tiles, wooden tiles, and mother of pearl tiles from China to North America and Europe. And we have our vendors which are supplying glass tiles for Home Depot, Lowe's. After several years working with tiles, we finally decided to build up TST Mosaic Tiles aliexpress online store to serve our customers better. We are collecting more and more new designs and showing them online. Instead of shipping containers with certain items, now we directly ship all kinds of new designed tiles, customized tiles to householders, designers, builders. This is more flexible and customers have more options on their projects. We hope you love our tiles !
TST production line-2
TST Mosaic Tiles are doing professional packaing for our tiles. We put foam plates into the box on the top, bottom and all sides to keep the tiles safe. After that, we will put the box into another bigger one with foam plates in it. The double packagings will keep the tiles safe. There's few shipments will get broken with this strong packaging. Eventhough, we strongly suggest that please open the package before the deliver man just in case. Once you got broken tiles, please call your local express company to file a claim to start a case. And then send us the case number, we will send replacement tiles.
TST mosaic tiles packaging-2TST mosaic tiles-logistics-1
TST Mosaic Tiles have the fastest express shipping company partners. For most of countries in North America, Europe, Australia, we will do FREE SHIPPING! We ship all our tiles via DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS to ensure on time delivery. We have been working with these partners for several years and they did a perfect job on delivery. They have zero lost during hundreds of shipments.And even for international shipment, they always finish the job whithin one week. All the tiles will be delivered to the front door. Our logistic partners will also handle the tiles carefully and softly to make sure the tiles are all delivered in good condition. For Russia customers, we only ship the tiles by Railway,not commerical express service, which takes 15- 20 days. For some countries like Middle East, Brazil, we can not ship to these areas because we can not get through the customs.
TST-mosaic tiles-logistics-2TST aliexpress-installation-1
TST Mosaic Tiles glass tile installation. This installaiton is for glass tiles. It is similar for porcelain tiles,mother of pearl tiles and metal tiles. For wooden tiles, you need an airgun to fix it on the wall firmly. Please do not remove the film on the fnish of the tile before you install it. The film can protect the finish of the tile during installation. This installation instruction is only for your referance. You may process it with your own way.Please remember to use mosaic grout to install the tiles, DO NOT use cement. And please use soft tools on tiles finish in case scratching the surface.
TST aliexpress-installation-2

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Chips Size 10 x 10 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Materials Crystal Glass
Colors Multi-Colors
Finish Glossy
Backing Mesh

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TST Mosaic Collages Black & White Crystal Glass Portrait Photo Customize Art Mosaic Star Grace Kelly

  • $19.73

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TST Mosaic Tiles

We make the tile special ! TST Mosaic Tiles is doing business in tiles for years. The tile market has been offering a lot of simply white, gray, black tiles for years. We would like to make some changes to create some new things like adding some conch in the tile, having some inner crackle design, making some diamond chips. We just want to offer customers special and unique tiles. Our site is accepting PayPal which is safe for online payment. Customer can easily use a credit card by selecting PayPal during checkout. ( No need to have a PayPal account)  Excellent customer service will respond all questions within 24 hours. Please feel free contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Professional package makes the tiles safe at delivery. Free replacement for damage caused by shipping. First class quality products. Life time limited warranty. We always try our best to serve you better !