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This type of mosaic is made of crystal glass and the pattern of the chips is squared. The thickness is 8 mm and the chip size is 15 x 15 mm. After going through high temperature kiln, the mosaics colors will never fade away. On the back of our product, it is mesh mounted so is easy for cutting.  The main color of the tile is golden. Some are white. The most attractive point of the mosaic is the inner crackle and the water wave design. The inner crackle design makes the chips looks like the "broken-ice"pattern. Another special thing is we used the special techniques make some chips looks like the meteorite crater. All these little chips mixed together makes the whole glass tile likes a wonderful modern art work.  It is special recommended for the fireplace, background wall decorated, blackplash, flooring .


Crystal Clear Glass Tiles

  • High-temperature clear glass, colors never fade away.
  • Wide-use for interior design of background, wall decor.
  • Mesh mounted, easy for cutting.
  • Glossy, easy for cleaning.
  • Inner crackle design.
  • Wave backing design.


Sheet size

  • 300 x 300 mm ( 12'' x 12'' )

Chip size

  • 15x15 mm


  • 8 mm


  • Crystal Glass


  • Golden


  • Glossy & Frosted


  • Mesh
Sheet Size 300 x 300 mm
Chips Size 15 x 15 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Materials Crystal Glass
Colors Golden
Finish Glossy & Frosted
Backing Mesh

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TST Mosaic Tiles

We make the tile special ! TST Mosaic Tiles is doing business in tiles for years. The tile market has been offering a lot of simply white, gray, black tiles for years. We would like to make some changes to create some new things like adding some conch in the tile, having some inner crackle design, making some diamond chips. We just want to offer customers special and unique tiles. Our site is accepting PayPal which is safe for online payment. Customer can easily use a credit card by selecting PayPal during checkout. ( No need to have a PayPal account)  Excellent customer service will respond all questions within 24 hours. Please feel free contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Professional package makes the tiles safe at delivery. Free replacement for damage caused by shipping. First class quality products. Life time limited warranty. We always try our best to serve you better !